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Discuss Learning

Whatever your language interests, level or aims, we are keen to meet you and help with structuring a path towards your learning goals.  If you would like a conversation to identify the learning strategies and strengths that will help motivate your studies, as well as find methods for tackling weaker areas, come and explore the support available in our learning centre.


Rather than focusing on language-specific expertise, we are concerned with your learning method: the psychology of having one can transform a language ambition into an enjoyable commitment that is flexible, achievable, and different from one person to the next.

Each year the Advising team works with a wide range of learner, for example:

  • a researcher requiring Malay for field trips
  • a member of staff working to revive GCSE/A-level/degree level French
  • an undergraduate linguist wishing to improve listening skills
  • a postgraduate needing to read German for academic purposes
  • Come for a half hour meeting any time you would like.
        • Decide on your short term and longer term goals
        • Formulate a learning plan
        • Evaluate progress and identify your next steps
        • Discuss language learning strategies
        • Explore resources in specialist areas
        • Consider how the Centre’s taught courses fit in to medium term plans
        • Find out more about intensive language courses abroad

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